This option will work if you have no problem accessing your admin dashboard. Once you have it installed, click on Duplicator at the bottom of the left hand side of the screen. To add a new user, click on the “Add new” button. Once there, speed up wordpress site click the Add New button at the top of the screen.

If you’re creating a new site, click “Create New”. Now, once you have downloaded WordPress, there is a bit of work to be done on the host once more. Just like WordPress, Joomla comes with several advantages of its own. Let’s take a look at what the advantages are for these two popular content management systems. While they may be a bit more difficult to learn, they do provide more flexibility for displaying non-standard content types. More Non-Standard Content-Type Flexibility: The platform is built around components and modules. Advanced User Management: It offers a more advanced user management system right out of the box.

  • You’re done
  • Other destinations to accept mail for: (to use default value)
  • Finally, we find one
  • Check the box, so this won’t be prompted anymore in the next sessions, and then press OK

Ease of Use: it is a known fact that WordPress is very user-friendly and out of all the content management systems, is easiest to use. Low Development Costs: Generally speaking, WordPress will cost you less to develop with than Joomla or other content management systems. Another place that the need for new “post” or content types reveals itself is when you’ve created a deeply nested hierarchy within your default Pages content type to get the kind of permalinks you want.

This includes different pieces of content and different styles. Multiple Template Styles: It allows you to use multiple template styles within one site. It is worth noting that with WordPress, you can use different templates and theme styles on one site. This page looks fairly similar to the standard Post page in WordPress, so you can create a title and article for the blog post you want to share. Registration enables you to freely share and vote on stories related to WordPress and the community. Best Blogging Platform: Even though WordPress has developed into a large scale website builder, it still offers the best blogging platform out there.